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From a very young age, I would watch my mother and father take photos and criticise each others' work.   They were very into photography and at home we always had a "dark room" with the traditional enlarger and all the chemicals to watch the photos appear onto the paper as if by magic.  I would stand alongside in the cold and dark room with the  strong aroma of "fixer" and other chemicals.  The orange light glowing while either my mom or dad would explain what they were doing.  At photo club meetings I would listen to the photo judges talking about where the eye leads in and if the subject was incorrectly placed.  In those days, the "rules" of photography were adhered to far more than today.  For me, I want to break those rules as that's when it starts to become ART !

I love shooting Faces and Fashion and Food.  I have been shooting for over 10 years alongside designing products mostly for the water sport industry.   Brisbane is home for me after leaving Johannesburg in 1998.  However, I am more than happy to travel the world for that perfect shot.  

Let me know what your project entails and lets make art !  

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